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From the MHRA Inspectorate blog:
Too much pressure: a behavioural approach to Data Integrity (Part 1)

In this interesting article David Churchward reflects on the international data integrity workshops in China in October 2016. During the workshops, regulators discussed their findings from inspections where breaches in data integrity had been identified. Issues relating to pressure, motivation, and ultimate disconnection between front line employees and their managers were hot topics; and the inspectorate blog provides an opportunity to share some of this experience.

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Anna Lundén talks about Tendencies and developments to be found in observations and warning letters - Video

Anna Lundén, training director and part owner, Key2Compliance AB discuss with Henrik Johanning, CEO, Genau & More.

Current Challenges in Implementing Quality Risk Management

Ny artikel fra James Vesper og Keven O’Donnell publicered i Pharmaceutical Engineering, Nov-Dec 2016.
Fra indholdet:
"The intent of QRM is to make data-driven and scientifically sound decisions proactively, not to justify an action or a decision that has already been taken"
"Formal risk assessments sometimes fail to add value or clarity to a situation because risk assessments often only superficially address root cause analysis, resulting in ineffective risk-control actions"
"Some firms have not yet seen that hazard identification and risk assessment tools can be used together synergistically"

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