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Science, Risk and Statistics-based

Cleaning Process Development and Validation

Conference - 6-7 October 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Conference description:

This two-day, intensive summit brings together the industry leaders on Science, Risk- and Statistics-based Cleaning Validation. The conference will go beyond presentations on best practice and consists of both presentations and workshops on different aspects of cleaning validation. Thus, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the new ASTM E3106 Standard, PDA TR 29 revision, Annex 1 (new draft) and the use of statistics in cleaning validation, as well as risk evaluation and data integrity in cleaning validation among other things.

In addition to the many presentations, plenary Q&As and workshops, the conference will also provide many opportunities for networking.

Conference objectives:

The objective of this conference is to provide participants with practical knowledge and understanding of regulatory requirements and techniques that can be put to use in their own cleaning validation strategy. The presenters will focus on the newest information available and will cover a wide range of subjects relevant to cleaning validation.

The conference is primarily relevant for R&D staff, Leaders, Supporters, Validation teams in production and Quality Assurance seeking the latest knowledge about risk- and statistics-based cleaning validation, as well as for engineering companies wanting to learn more about the viewpoint of the pharmaceutical industry and exchanging experiences.

Conference outline (Rev. March-30)

Day 1, October 6st
Moderator: Laurence O’Leary, ValidEire Aps

  • Introduction to ASTM E3106 "Standard Guide for Science-Based and Risk-Based Cleaning Process Development and Validation" and upcoming Standards
    Andrew Walsh (CPCI)
  • Annex 1 Revision
    Pierre Devaux (Theraxel)
  • ASTM "Standard Guide for the Derivation of Health Based Exposure Limits (HBELs)" for Drugs and Devices
    Andreas Flückiger
  • Application of Quality Risk Management in Cleaning
    Ken Farrugia (Natrix Sciences Ltd.)
  • Analytical Development: a Useful Support for Cleaning Control and Validation
    S. Janvier (Pierre Fabre Group )
  • Application of Statistics to Cleaning Process Development
    Ruijin Song (CPCI)
  • Use of Statistics for Cleaning
    Igor Gorsky (Valsource)
  • Workshop - Plenary Q&A
  • Workshop - QRM on Cleaning Validation
    Ken Farrugia
  • Workshop - Visual Inspection Qualification
    Andrew Walsh
  • Workshop - How to read a HBEL Monograph
    How to read a HBEL Monograph

Day 2, October 7th
Moderator: Pierre Devaux, Theraxel

  • Statistical Determination of Swab Recovery Factors in Coupon Studies
    Ioanna-Maria Gerostathi
  • Coverage test experience and cycle development
    M. Douez (Novo Nordisk)
  • Data Integrity in Cleaning Validation and Case Study from Novatek International Cleaning Validation Management
    Susan Cleary (Novatek)
  • Cleaning Process Risk Evaluation — A Quantitative Framework
    Mohammad Ovais
  • Lean Six Sigma Case Study Using Total Organic Carbon Analysis
    Andrew Walsh (CPCI)
  • Understanding and Controlling Variability with the Cleaning Process
    Joe Cagnassola (Alcon)
  • Workshop - Plenary Q&A
  • Workshop - Application of Statistics to Cleaning Processes
    Mohammad Ovais
  • Workshop - Recovery method with Swabs
    Ioanna-Maria Gerostathi



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6-7 October 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Epicenter, Fred. Roeskestraat 115   

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Day 1
08.30-08.55 Registration, breakfast and networking
09.00-17.00 Conference
17.00 – Networking mingle with snacks

Day 2
08.30-08.55 Breakfast and networking
09.00-16.30 Conference

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